Website Design & Development

Static Website Solution

Website is having a vital role in any Business Development. The growth of a business also depends on its Website. At the time of Website Design we always keep in mind that the website will bring the growth and development of the business.

At ITHander, we always give same importance for Small Business as well as for our Big Clients. Our Website Designers and Web Developers are expert in their job. They always put their best at the time of Website Design and Website Development; as a result the product is more productive for your business promotion and business development.

Static Website means a website without any Content Management System and the Web Pages are in simple HTML. Static Websites are the web site looks basic and is suitable for smaller company / small business / individuals and simply delivers information without any bells and whistles. Static Website is cheapest to develop and extremely suitable for small business to have web presence. We at ITHandler, provide the best suitable website solution for Small and Medium Business. Our static website packages include Social Media Integration which is now very useful for promoting any business; the business owner will have to take responsibility to promote the business through his / her social media friends. It also includes blog with the packages if the website owner likes to have; which will help to promote using blog. Appropriate Domain Name is also having great factor in website search ability; our Static Website Packages includes One Domain Name Registration & we always guide our clients to find a suitable domain name for their business. Hosting is also required with official email id ( for the website and the packages include hosting for the domain. We also Submit the websites to the Search Engines and the HTML Developed in a manner that its easier for search engines to search your website. Though content writing is not included with these packages but we always help our clients by guiding proper content for their website as the content plays a vital role in Website.


Dynamic Website

Dynamic websites is little expensive to develop but there are many advantages. In Dynamic website it’s easy to update content of the website with Admin Panel. If any website required having more user interaction then it’s required to have a dynamic website.

If its required to have website with system to add user of the website, or needs more interaction with user like login to access some areas then its required to have a dynamic website. We at ITHandler always ask our clients the exact requirement and provide solution for the same. Sometimes its required to have a website with functionality of changing content only and in that case we ask our clients to go for only CMS Website where Webmaster is allowed to change content of the website.

Dynamic website packages are available at very affordable cost and the project cost depends on the functionality only. A Dynamic Website typically will be consisting of Database with database connectivity. Dynamic website is required when there are lots of web pages and lots of functionality like user registration, user login, and user management. At ITHandler, we develop the Dynamic Website using PHP and MySQL Database. There are lots of popular readymade scripts available in the market where the function ability is tremendous. We also use those script sometime when such flexibility is required at smaller cost.

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E-Commerce Website Solution

Electronic Commerce is commonly known as e-commerce. E-Commerce Website Development is required when any seller wants to sell their product or services online means the order and payment is done over electronic system like internet and other computers. The services of e-commerce includes electronic fund transfer, order placement, shipment tracking, processing of online transaction, inventory management. A typical e-commerce website will collect customers data, take order online, take payment online (Cash On Delivery is also possible), process the order for shipment & track the shipment record for further verification.

Though the concept of e-commerce is not so old but now a seller / buyer can’t ignore the influences of E-Commerce. The growth rate of e-commerce transaction and volume is very high and if you are looking to sell your product at large volume, particularly in retail sector; then you must think for e-commerce website solution. Ecommerce allows consumers to electronically exchange goods or services without barriers of time or distance. Shopping Cart Software is used to allow consumers to purchase goods and or services, track customers, and tie together all aspects of ecommerce. There are lots of available Shopping Cart Software available in the market and there are some Open Source Shopping Cart also which is more cost effective for startup business. At ITHandler we provide customization of currently leading Shopping Cart System as well as we also provides custom solution also.

We are associated with a leading Indian Payment Gateway provider. We provide the complete solution for your online business means we can develop a website with latest trends and integrated payment gateway for selling your product in India and abroad.

As the functionality varies from business to business we are unable to provide fixed price on e-commerce website development packages. Kindly contact us with your requirements details so that we can quote for the same.